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  • Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives, CEA (France) Open or Close
    1 cea

    Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives (CEA) is a French governmental research-and-technology organization with activities in energy, Information Technology, healthcare, defense and security. CEA-Tech, one of its divisions, focuses on creating value and innovation through technology transfer to its industrial partners. It employs 4500 scientists and engineers including 300 Ph.D. students and 300 assignees from partner companies. CEA-Tech owns more than 2200 patent families.

    Within CEA Tech, ModulED will involve teams from two institutes: Leti (micro and nano technologies, 1800 people) and Liten (renewable energies, 1000 people).

    CEA-Leti is the largest French research and technology organization specializing in micro- and nanotechnologies. Dedicated to creating value and innovation for transfer to its industrial partners, Leti’s 1,800 researchers strive to make our society smarter, healthier, more sustainable and more secure. The scientific excellence and multidisciplinary expertise of its personnel are the foundation of Leti’s offer to industry.

    LITEN institute for innovation in new energy technologies and nanomaterials develops the technological advances that will drive the energy transition.

    The institute’s R&D programs aim at reducing dependency on fossil-fuel-based energy sources and curb greenhouse gas emissions.

    Liten is Europe’s only research organization to cover the entire new-energy-technology value chain. Our R&D starts with materials synthesis and continues right up to demonstrator systems and prototypes for industrial scale-up. Liten also brings a multidisciplinary, multi-scale approach that covers the development process from beginning to end, from early-stage applied research to technology transfer.


  • BRUSA Elektronik AG (Switzerland) Open or Close
    2 brusa

    BRUSA Elektronik AG is a development service provider headquartered in Sennwald, Switzerland. Since the company’s foundation in 1985, BRUSA has significantly contributed to the worldwide breakthrough of electric mobility. We are constantly working on innovations driving electric mobility forward. With our international network of partners and specialists, we are an innovation platform and technology leader offering solutions for civilian applications, which provides our worldwide customer base with a vital technological lead.  

    Based on more than 30 years’ experience, our over 100 engineers and projects management experts develop and design motors and power electronics for automotive applications. BRUSA offers extensive magnetic, thermal and mechanical simulation tools and expertise.     

    BRUSA motor technology is in daily use at leading European automotive manufacturers. BRUSA offers a complete service from design and manufacture of electric motors to qualification and testing on dedicated equipment by our team of specialists.

  • Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden) Open or Close
    3 chalmers avancez

    Chalmers University of Technology was founded in 1829 following a donation by William Chalmers, director of the Swedish East India Company, and was transformed into an independent foundation in 1994. Chalmers has developed leading research in the areas of life sciences, materials science, information technology, micro-and nanotechnology, environmental sciences and energy.

    Chalmers' annual turnover is 3597 million SEK (appr. 400 million EUR), out of which 70 % is related to research. Around 60 % of the research funding is acquired in competition from external sources. Some 13 000 people, including 3 240 employees (3065 FTEs), work and study in Chalmers’ 17 departments. The university offers PhD and Licentiate programmes as well as MScEng, MArch, BEng and nautical programmes. There are 6 600 students (FTE) in programmes leading to 1 200 Master’s degrees annually.

    About 1 160 students are involved in doctoral programs leading to 300 PhD and Licentiate of Technology degrees each year.

    In total over the years Chalmers has participated in 690 Framework Programme projects and has been the coordinator of 97 FP projects.

  • Institute for Automotive Engineering, IKA (Germany) Open or Close
    4 ika

    The Institute for Automotive Engineering (IKA) of RWTH Aachen University is Europe’s leading institute in automotive engineering and directed by Professor Lutz Eckstein. Starting from the idea to innovative concepts for components and systems up to vehicle prototypes the staff of the institute creates and designs the future vehicle. In cooperation with car manufacturers and suppliers, ika is making an acknowledged contribution to help solve current and future global challenges.

    The divisions Chassis, Body, Drivetrain, Electrics/Electronics and Driver Assistance represent the classic automotive domains and cooperate closely with the cross-divisional departments of Strategy and Consulting, Vehicle Concepts, Acoustics, Thermal Management as well as Driver Experience and Performance in an interdisciplinary manner. This wide range of expertise enables analysing and optimising the vehicle as a whole, while paying attention to the complex interactions between the individual subsystems.

    The divisions are linked by focusing on the various features of the vehicle; safety, energy efficiency and driving experience. IKA employs more than 135 members of staff and about 200 student assistants. In addition to that, more than 200 student research projects, bachelor, master and diploma theses are part of our research and development projects.

  • Siemens Industry Software (France) Open or Close
    5 siemens

    Siemens Industry Software SAS CAE1D division, formerly known as LMS Imagine prior to its acquisition in 2013, develops for over 20 years the Imagine.Lab Amesim multi-domain dynamic simulation solution. The Amesim solution is used by worldwide automotive OEMs and suppliers to predict the multidisciplinary performance, efficiency and emissions of their systems.

    The Amesim solution is made of a platform integrating multiple solvers, languages (bond-graph, MODELICA, state charts), coupling capabilities (FMI, S-functions, etc.), pre and post-processing tools, scripting tools, and large set of standard libraries counting over 5000 validated component models addressing multiple application domains. The Amesim research and development teams count over 100 engineers located in Lyon and Roanne, in France.

    Siemens CAE1D division has a large and long lasting automotive experience as simulation software provider and services.

    The Amesim automotive libraries address all vehicle components and subsystems, including all the relevant components for hybrid and electric vehicles, addressing detailed modelling to vehicle synthesis as well as models for HiL systems. The main ambition of Siemens CAE1D is to achieve higher accuracy, flexibility and usability of critical EV powertrain component models and develop efficient way to correctly and easily evaluate EV integration and its critical impact on global performance and comfort.

  • Zahnräder und Getriebe GmbH, ZG (Germany) Open or Close
    6 zg

    ZG GmbH is a future-oriented and innovative service provider in the field of transmission technology. Our customers include reputable OEMs and Tier 1 automotive suppliers.

    Our core competence lies in the development and production of innovative transmissions, often in the area of electric or hybridised drive concepts. ZG GmbH support their customers throughout the entire development process – from the initial idea to the tested prototype. The so-called gear synthesis is of central significance in the production of innovative transmissions.

    Gear synthesis concerns the identification of the structures for a new gearbox – the generation of the structure of shafts, gear wheels and control elements. Synthesis aided by computers is an absolute requirement due to the very high number of possible combinations in terms of structure variants, even in less sophisticated gears. Consequently, ZG GmbH developed the “PlanGear” synthesis programme, which generates and, if necessary, evaluates all structure options by means of high-performance computers. The “PlanGear” software enables the identification of the structures for automatic and dual clutch gears and combinations of these two forms.

    In addition, numerous functions specifically designated for gears with two drives (hybrid gears) have been incorporated. Following the synthesis, the gear concepts developed will be constructed, optimised and often displayed as a functional model or pre-production prototype at one of our locations. If required, we also perform tests on the various individual components or the whole gear system.

  • Punch Powertrain (Belgium) Open or Close
    7 punch

    GPunch Powertrain ( is a Tier 1 automotive supplier with more than 40 years of history and an independent manufacturer of Continuously Variable Transmission systems (CVTs) for cars.

    Besides the different types of this transmission, Punch also offers complete, conventional powertrains based on SAME engines. Next, Punch Powertrain also focuses on hybrid powertrains based on a dedicated CVT and SR motor technology.

    The hybrid powertrain is also offered as a platform with the SAME engines. The hybrid powertrain is originally developed as charge sustaining but it is also appropriate as plug-in as well as range extender. Punch Powertrain has already been carrying out basic research and development on SRM for several years; including integration of SRM’s into a fleet of EV’s which are going through field testing. Also, own engine management software is in process for the SAME engines to obtain a reduced fuel consumption for conventional and hybrid powertrains, and also the Armeva-project (Advanced Reluctance Motors for Electric Vehicle Applications), under the FP7 framework programme.

    The activities in Belgium consist of all development and application projects, the production and assembly of the key-components (pulleys and hydraulic block), global purchasing and revision of transmissions returned from the field of European markets.

  • Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, TU/e (Netherlands) Open or Close
    8 tu e The mission of the Electromechanics and Power Electronics (EPE) group is to carry out fundamental research on enabling energy conversion theory, methods and technologies on which future developments in electromechanics, power electronics and motion systems are depending. The EPE group wants to remain the academic front runner in terms of sustainable energy conversion systems in the Netherlands.

    In many research projects both fundamental aspects as well as practical aspects are addressed because experimental verification is essential in our field. The EPE group has a modern and versatile laboratory infrastructure to carry out experiments.

    A mechatronic system approach is often required, in which not only specialists from the fields of electromechanics and power electronics but also from the fields of electromagnetism,

    material science, control engineering, mechanical engineering and thermodynamics are involved.

  • Efficient Innovation (France) Open or Close
    9 efficient innov Created in 1997, ion (France). Created in 1997, Efficient Innovation is a French consulting company specialised in the field of innovation management with a vision of the whole innovation value chain, from opportunities generation with strategic creativity, to concept transformation into innovation projects, market studies and opportunities building, funding of the innovation projects through direct and indirect funds for companies.
    EFFICIENT is specialist in European framework programmes since FP5, FP6, FP7 and has built up many European projects. EFFICIENT offers services of European project management to its customers with is know-how and knowledge of FP European mechanisms, consortium agreement management, grant agreement management, dissemination activities. Efficient is also a specialist in industrial product design-to-cost, design-to-weight and life cycle analysis.

    With a team of 40 consultants, EFFICIENT covers the full innovation management process.

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