On 19 March 2019, from 13:00 to 16:30 CET, the ModulED consortium will participate to the Workshop on high efficiency and low-cost drivetrains for electric vehicles in Brussels.

The workshop will present the innovations that are currently being developed by three EU-funded projects under the European Green Vehicles Initiative (EGVI): ModulED, ReFreeDrive and DRIVEMODE.

All projects are expected to deliver an incremental reduction in total motor and power electronics system costs through optimised design for manufacture. A key challenge is to increase the specific torque and specific power of electric motors by 30%, with a 50% increase in maximum operating speed while halving motor losses. In addition, the motors will cost less because of a reduced need for rare earth magnets combined with new designs which have been optimised for lower cost manufacturing processes.

As for power electronics, the projects are expected to deliver a 50% increase in power density, a 50% reduction in losses and the ability to operate with the same cooling liquids and temperatures used for the combustion engine in hybrid configurations.

Participation to this event is free but registration is required (limited seats available).

Simply click on the following link : http://go.leonardo-energy.org/190319GV04DisseminationEvent_Join.html

Discover ModulED and discuss with our consortium:
- Speaker Charley Lanneluc, project coordinator, CEA, France
- Speaker Patrick Debal, integrator, Punch Powertrain, Belgium
- Participant Jonas Hemsen, IKA, Germany
- Participant Dr Elena Lomonova, TU/e, Netherlands