The PCIM Europe is the world's leading exhibition and conference for power electronics, intelligent motion, renewable energy, and energy management.

This is the place where representatives from the fields of research and industry come together, where trends and developments are presented to the public for the first time, and where the entire value chain is covered – all the way from components to intelligent systems.

From May 7 to 9, ModulED partner CEA presented its poster "DC-Bus capacitors influence in a GaN motor drive inverter". The poster explains the sizing of the DC bus capacitors using GaN semiconductors in an inverter powering a multiphase high speed motor for an automotive application.

You can find it here below ! Do not hesitate to contact its author, and ModulED project coordinator, Charley Lanneluc.

EVS (Electric Vehicles Symposium) is the leading international event to address all sustainable mobility issues. The various components of electric mobility will be on display; from markets to vehicle battery technology (hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell); from motorcycles to trucks, and from charging facilities to related services and public policy. The 32nd edition of the event gathers all stakeholders of the industry from May 20 to 23 in Lyon, France.

On 20 May 2019, from 3pm to 4:30pm, ModulED partner Jonas Hemsen from IKA will take the stage to present latest developments and innovation in vehicle drivetrain. Jonas will present one of the first ModulED featured paper written by the consortium. Don't miss it !

All information:

ModulED: 32nd International Electric Vehicle Symposium
TOPIC B - Electric Power Train - A Deep Dive
• B2 : Innovations in vehicle drive trains


On 19 March 2019, from 13:00 to 16:30 CET, the ModulED consortium will participate to the Workshop on high efficiency and low-cost drivetrains for electric vehicles in Brussels.

The workshop will present the innovations that are currently being developed by three EU-funded projects under the European Green Vehicles Initiative (EGVI): ModulED, ReFreeDrive and DRIVEMODE.

All projects are expected to deliver an incremental reduction in total motor and power electronics system costs through optimised design for manufacture. A key challenge is to increase the specific torque and specific power of electric motors by 30%, with a 50% increase in maximum operating speed while halving motor losses. In addition, the motors will cost less because of a reduced need for rare earth magnets combined with new designs which have been optimised for lower cost manufacturing processes.

As for power electronics, the projects are expected to deliver a 50% increase in power density, a 50% reduction in losses and the ability to operate with the same cooling liquids and temperatures used for the combustion engine in hybrid configurations.

Participation to this event is free but registration is required (limited seats available).

Simply click on the following link :

Discover ModulED and discuss with our consortium:
- Speaker Charley Lanneluc, project coordinator, CEA, France
- Speaker Patrick Debal, integrator, Punch Powertrain, Belgium
- Participant Jonas Hemsen, IKA, Germany
- Participant Dr Elena Lomonova, TU/e, Netherlands

The FORM Forum organized by EARPA – European Automotive Research Partner Association – have gathered more than 200 participants during this one-day event. It has been a unique opportunity for ModulED project to present at the CEA booth the recent development and expected achievements of the partners in the context of the EU funded projects. In addition to the EARPA members, stakeholders, representatives of the European Commission and industry were here to discuss the research that is conducted by this community and how it reaches societal and economic impact.


On the 8th and the 9th October 2018, all partners of the ModulED project gathered together for the third time for our 5th executive board and 2nd steering committee. The event was organized by ModulED partner ZG, hosted by FVA GmbH, in Munich.

The technical part of the meeting showed that the project is currently moving forward according to our GANTT Chart. :

  • The initial specifications and end-user requirements are fully finished;
  • The optimized propulsion system design shows promising results but needs slight adjustments;
  • The multiphase motor design with optimized magnetic materials shows 2 very promising designs which should exceed expectations;
  • The GaN inverter design is finished and electrical tests must know be made;
  • The transmission system is being readied;
  • An initial update of the overall project exploitation strategy is currently underway.

First dissemination activities have started and new ones should follow soon.
Be ready to encounter the ModulED partners on conferences and fairs near you !

On the 14th and the 15th March 2018, all partners of the ModulED project gathered in Lichtenstein, very near Brusa’s offices in Switzerland, for the first Steering Committee of the project. All partners presented their ongoing work and coming tasks. After 6 months spent on specifications and initial work on all modules of the modular powertrain, first technical results are expected soon. Stay tuned !

On the 26/12/2017, the ModulED website officially launched. The website is one of the first major dissemination steps towards the industry, researchers and the wider community. It will include all public information regarding the project and other related subjects.

On the 16th and 17th october 2017, the consortium of the ModulED project gathered in Grenoble, France, at the CEA offices. All partners were present and shared their scheduled work. Time was also spent on first work package meetings in which fine adjustments were made to the work programme. The 2 days were also spent to the bonding of all partners as they will now work together on the project for the next 3 years !